About Us

Smart PDF converter is an online service that does conversions of most popular formats. Behind the bright front of a website there is a team of yaung and ambitious guys, who make all their efforts to provide the best quality in online PDF conversion services. We’ve developed a simple and clear PDF converter that supports different formats, among which converting Word, Excel, PPT, JPG to PDF and from PDF formats.

Launched in 2017 as a team of freelance developers, we have grown to a strong crew with common thoughts and desires. We know exactly who we are and what we’d like to move into the user base. You will also know us and I hope you’ll become a part of our PDF community for years.

A small team who’s grown in a web developing corporation knows exactly how important to have a solution for converting files into different formats near at hand for everyday use. We gather feedback from lots of specialists which formats more in demand. Therefore you can see most actual options on the platform without excessive pilling that makes its usage simple and convenient for everyone.

In order to make using the PDF service most productive, we created a Chrome browser extension that will be an irreplaceable helper during your office or homework. Our product will be loved by everyone. Will it be an accountant from the finance department, a student of the high school or your neighborhood who wants to send an order to a building company. We are all using PDF converter from time to time. Let’s do it together!

Since we are always opened for new offers and try to take care of every one of our users, we’d be glad to receive feedback, requests and suggestions. Feel free to contact us with any ideas.