Convert PDF format easy

How to Set up Print to PDF

While this is a known and standard option, not all computers have this option, especially old ones. But this doesn’t completely mean that your computer is broken. There is no need to worry. It just simply means that the PDF is not listed. You can easily set this up by Read More

How to Print PDF

Printing PDF and Printing to PDF are two different things. When we say Printing PDF, it simply means putting the document on Paper with ink while printing to PDF is simply saving the document in a non-editable format. Nowadays, people prefer the second option, especially that conserving paper and social Read More

Are you a PDF Rockstar?

PDFs are meant to be used and maximized and you haven’t done so, then you’re missing out on a ton of things. Aside from well-known features such as lossless graphics and read-only encrypted files, PDFs are also great for transferring data, transferring print materials, creating resumes, photobooks, invoices, eBooks, PDF Read More