Convert PDF format easy

How to Split PDF for Free

Splitting a PDF file may be a little tricky because we all have different requirements on how we should do it. There are different ways to split. You can split PDF by pages, split PDF by bookmarks, split PDF pages in half, split by size and split by text. Most Read More

How to Save Ink with Grayscale PDF

When grayscale comes to mind, it has become a standard to automatically think that its black and white. This is correct in some terms but not entirely true when it comes to printing or photo editing. Indeed, grayscale is the product of a black and white image, the absence of Read More

How to Reduce PDF Size

To reduce a PDF file, you need a PDF compressor software that would decrease its archive disk space by a certain percentage. Often than not, compressor tools reduce PDF files up to 50% of its original size. You may confuse this with Zip files since it is also a compressed Read More

How to Flatten a PDF Document

What does it mean to flatten a PDF? A fillable PDF means it could be an interactive PDF, meaning it was formatted in a way you can fill out and send back the file with your answers. PDF forms can have a variety of fillable elements such as checkboxes, text Read More

Secret Hacks on How to Use PPT and PDF

PowerPoint is a powerful tool you can use for presentations, a program you go to if you need to create a visually stimulating material. Although many of you think you know everything about it, most don’t really realize how powerful this tool really is. For instance, did you know that Read More