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How to crop a section in PDF

PDF files are unique documents as they act as an image but have readable and searchable content. But since PDF are lossless “uneditable” formats, users without PDF editors can only read the file and cannot add or remove text on the document. Since PDF is like image files, the beauty Read More

Why your PDF won’t open

Plenty of users prefer PDF as their first choice of format in transferring and sharing information online. This is because PDF is certainly easy to make, secure, and small enough to be attached to an email. Since it has become a standard format, plenty of applications have enabled PDF conversion Read More

How to redact in PDF

In the corporate world, redaction is one process that is often used before documents are sent for publication. It is the act of permanently removing text and images to censor sensitive information from the public. Redaction is important to keep documents available but at the same time keep information limited. Read More

How to read PDF on Kindle

Black and white screens make it easier for our eyes to read long books and documents. This is why Kindle became a popular choice for most users. Of course, other than its black and white features, Kindle’s popularity is also because of its ability to contain and read hundreds of Read More