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About PDF/E

PDF/E – short for the PDF standard for Engineering documents, is an international standard identified as ISO 24517 and defines a file format known as PDF/E which provides a mechanism for the exchange and archiving of engineering documents based on the ubiquitous and well-known PDF format for various communities working Read More

What is PDF/E?

The “E” in PDF/E stands for Engineering. PDF/E was published as ISO 24517 in 2008 as a standard for creating PDF based Engineering documents to be used in a variety of application areas. Key areas making use of PDF/E file format include geospatial, construction and manufacturing workflows. The PDF/E standard Read More

What is PDF/E?

A portable document format (PDF) is known for its high standards. It is used in every industry, shared, and used for printing specific requirements. Every person who has a document converted into PDF has their own purpose, which is why it is fortunate that Adobe created different subsets of PDF Read More

What is PDF/X file?

PDF/X is an ISO 15930 standard published in 2001 with a subset of PDF functionality. The standard was established and published based on specific requirements of the printing and publishing industries. The requirements for this standard were all devised as per the diverse needs of printing and publishing industries. PDF/X Read More