The ABCs of the PDF: D to F

Data The most important thing about a PDF is the data— its printability, its transmission and its integrity. Of course, this last point is the driving force behind the inability to edit PDF content, a quality with which the PDF world is familiar. There have been notable rants and raves Read More

How to convert DXF to PDF

DXF is another file format that roams around design and engineering world. DXF stands for Drawing Interchange Format and it is a format essential for applications that build 3D objects, venue designing, product designing, and more. DXF is basically an ASC II representation of a drawing, containing data that is Read More

How to embed a video in your PDF

Videos and sounds are considered a staple these days. People don’t have the time to read long articles and due to the rise in social media, readers now have a shorter attention span than before. Videos and sounds catch people’s attention because it adds depth, a multidimensional communication. Authors who Read More