How to Rotate PDF Pages

By definition, rotation is a movement in circles. It is synonymous with spinning, revolving, turning, whirling or circling. Rotating PDF pages in layman’s terms simply means to turn the page to make it right side up. Rotation is changed by the angles and the degree of which the document will turn. In PDF editors, when pages are rotated, the paper is moved by 90° on each turn.

In our previous articles, we’ve defined what layout orientations are and where these terms came from. We learned that there are two types of orientations that you can achieve by rotating a page – landscape and portrait. The first term is viewing a page horizontally while the second term is viewing it vertically. There are no right or wrong orientations since there are specific needs for specific layouts.

Usual orientation dilemmas when creating a PDF

It is not unusual for people to have problems in orientations when creating a PDF document. Why? Because processors have made it impossible to change orientations per page. For instance, if you use MS word to start creating a document before saving it as a PDF, you will find that each page follows a specific orientation that cannot differ from other pages.

One way of avoiding this problem is by creating two different documents with two different orientations then merging them into one. This is difficult of course for those files that need to have a variety. For example, your file needs page 1,4,5,6,8,9 to be vertical while pages 2,3,7,10 need to be horizontal. This may mean merging these documents will be tedious. What better solution but to have a PDF rotation tool handy, right? Let’s start with Adobe.

How to use Adobe Acrobat to rotate PDF pages

Please note that rotating PDF pages in Adobe will require you to subscribe and pay a certain fee to be able to use organization tools such as rotating PDF pages.

Step one: Open your document using Acrobat DC.

Step two: Select “Tools” and choose “Organize Pages”

Step three: Indicate page range to rotate in the toolset and click degree symbols to rotate the pages. Click counterclockwise 90 Degrees ⟲ or clockwise 90 Degrees ⟳.

Step four: Save your work.


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