How to Convert One or Multiple Images into One PDF

Converting a common image file to PDF can be questioned by many, asking why they need a converter for images that turn it to PDF when an image file with all its free variants can be opened and displayed in any hardware. Well, the answer can be seen in the features of a PDF.

1. A PDF file is universal and can be read in any browser or gadget, may it be a laptop, a tablet or mobile. The format does not change and the fonts are retained even if the user doesn’t have those installed.

2. It can have a compressed and smaller file size, which means it can be sent over the email.

3. Users and creators can add texts and annotations along with the image

4. For publishing and printing, problems such as compatibility and resolution are resolved.

5. Since it is uncommon to be inserted, edited and is not usually compatible to photo editing applications, forgery can be avoided.

So, in some cases, having a PDF over image files is preferred as it becomes a solution to some problems.

The second method is for Mac users, utilizing preview to convert and save images to PDF with the print command to combine the selected image files. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step one: Select all images to be included in the conversion

Step two: Right click on to the selected files and click “open with preview”

Step three: Reorder images on preview sidebar as needed

Step four: Navigate in preview and select print or use CTL+P

Step five: Expand the print dialogue box and change the options available – orientation, pages, paper size, scale, etc.

Step six: Don’t click print. Select “save as PDF” from the drop-down list found on the lower left of the dialogue box.

The third method uses the print method as well however, it was designed for Windows users. In fact, it doesn’t stray away from the steps mentioned for Mac to convert image to PDF.

Step one: Select all images to be converted

Step two: right click on the images and select print

Step three: Edit all options if needed – orientation, page size etc.

Step four: Instead of hitting print, change the setting to “save as PDF”

The downside for the second and third method can be seen in the manipulation of the photo. If it was made to be in big resolutions, there is a possibility that the photo will be cropped out just to fit the page.

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