How to Split PDF for Free

Splitting a PDF file may be a little tricky because we all have different requirements on how we should do it. There are different ways to split. You can split PDF by pages, split PDF by bookmarks, split PDF pages in half, split by size and split by text. Most commonly, people split PDF by pages because documents are often scanned in bulk or sometimes, they scan books or save one presentation for all departments. To be able to split a PDF page, there are three ways you can do it for free and that’s what we’re about to show you in this article!

Tools for Splitting PDF by Pages

There are three simple tools you can use for splitting PDF – your browser, online pdf splitter and your Microsoft Word. The first two tools can split any sorts of PDF including scanned PDF files. The last tool, however, can only be used for PDF documents that were previously a .DOC, .XLSX, or .PPT files. Though all ways will be shown, please take in consideration that not all will be able to split according to all kinds of splitting requirements. The method to be shown here is splitting only by pages.

Splitting PDF with your Browser

Your browser can be your free tool for reading your PDF documents and it can also be your printing tool. In our previous blog posts, we’ve shown you how to use your browser to extract and this will actually be similar to splitting your PDF pages. So how do you do it?

Step one: Open your PDF file using your browser

Step two: Click the “options” or settings menu on your browser and click “Print”

Step three: Set your destination to “Save as PDF” instead of placing your printer.

Step four: Modify the “Pages” to “Custom” and input the pages you wish to split then save your new PDF files.

For example, you have 8 pages on your PDF file. You need to split it in pages 1-4 and 5-8. Simply input 1-4 on the custom pages and save your file, then on the next procedure, input pages 5-8 then save again. This will give you two sets of PDFs with the pages you need to be together.

Split PDF pages with Microsoft Word

As mentioned above, splitting PDF in this application has limits and it cannot use this method if it’s a scanned document. Using this application would be best used for those PDF documents that were previously Word documents or PowerPoint documents. This is usually the case when your original document file was already deleted and all you have left is the file saved in PDF format. This method is also manually done so if you’re not patient and you want something that involves only a few clicks of your time, maybe you ought to try other methods instead. You can try to split PDF online with free tools of DeftPDF or purchase other software available. So here is how you do it with Microsoft:

Step one: Open your PDF file using Microsoft Word

Step two: A notification will appear stating that your PDF file will be converted. Confirm this to open the file in this application. Your document will become an editable file once it’s opened.

Step three: Select the pages you want to group together and copy them to another word application.

Step four: Save your new document and rename them accordingly. Your new files can be saved as PDF by changing the file type once you save.

How about Adobe Acrobat?

Yes, most people will probably ask why not use Adobe Acrobat to do the splitting? If you have already purchased Adobe then you can use this as a better option than your browser or your word application. You can find the splitting tool in Adobe Acrobat’s “Organize” tool. But don’t expect to be able to use this when you only have the free version. This can only be accessed for those subscribed.


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