How to Add Checkboxes and Textboxes in your PDF File

Different forms have different elements – it may be a radio box, a checkbox, a textbox, or a dropdown list. These are all important parts of a form as it provides us a way of collecting data in a clean and modern way.

What are the checkboxes and textboxes?

A checkbox, sometimes called as a tick box, is an essential part of the form as it allows the audience to select their responses. People often use checkboxes when they allow the readers to give an answer of more than one selection per question. Let’s say, you create a survey asking for the interests of the readers with 3 options of “cars, houses, and bikes,” the readers can opt to check all three choices or perhaps just choose cars and houses or maybe just select houses alone. Digitally, checkboxes appear as a box ☐ which will have a check ☑ or an x ☒ mark inside once it is chosen and clicked. If you need your readers to select only one answer, a radio button should be used instead of a checkbox.

Other than clicking answers, forms are also often used with text boxes to collect data and information. These allow the audience to add and encode any text on the form and also appears as a box but wider and longer in shape to make the text visible. It can be a one-liner text box which is often used to collect short information such as name, email, phone number, etc. or it could be a multi-line text box, which is used for longer information such as addresses. The purpose of a text box is to allow freedom for the audience to input any text by simply typing it in. If answers are limited and you want it organized and uninformed, a drop-down list should be used.

These can all be applied to a PDF to create a form with the help of a PDF editor. Adobe Acrobat has made certain that these can be done using their downloadable software however, a subscription fee is required to gain full access. To be able to do this for free, online software tools can be used.

Which software is the best to use to add checkboxes and text boxes?

If you can google “how to add checkboxes on your PDF file,” you will probably get a ton of PDF editors showing up on the results page. But which one can help you fulfill your PDF form goals? An efficient PDF software tool can be called the best if it contains all the tools needed to effectively make your form. This all-in-one PDF software makes sure that you have everything you need to finish your project and help you go beyond the regular PDF you know.


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