How to Remove Image from PDF

It’s easy to add an image in a Word file, a PowerPoint or even a PDF file but is it easy to remove an image from a PDF document? It can be easy with a reliable tool you can use online but before we do, let’s define everything first and see what the possible solutions are.

Why does it seem impossible to remove images from pdf?

When you save a document in PDF form, a reader cannot move or edit the PDF in a viewer. Readers have to use a special tool to be able to add text/images, move it or remove it. PDFs are made to be in such to keep a form and its contents in order. This feature solves the issue in the printing industry where layouts are messed up when it’s transferred.

What are image files?

By definition, an image file is a file that contains data to save and show a digital picture or graphic data. It may be in GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and so on. There are actually more than 5 types of image file formats available and it is made so you can view and display it in your computer. You can even print it, store it and it can be copied and transferred to a USB, CD, Hard disk and even online.

What are the common image file formats?

There are a lot of image file formats created for different purposes, in fact when you search it in Wikipedia, you will find that they will even categorize it into raster formats, vectors, and compound formats. You may not be familiar with it all but there are different purposes, benefits, and cons for each one.


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