The Best PDF Calendar Templates for 2020

A new year brings new beginnings. New challenges, new goals, new resolutions and a renewed sense of optimism that this new year will be better than the last.

A new year also means its time to throw out your 2019 calendar and start planning how you will accomplish your goals in 2020.

If you haven’t started mapping out your 2020 goals and marking your calendar with upcoming events, no need to worry. We’ve got you and your days covered.

Soda PDF is proud to present the best calendar templates for 2020!

Our 2020 Calendars At A Glance

We’ve broken down our 2020 Calendars into two types:

  1. Portrait Calendars
  2. Landscape Calendars
  3. Custom-Made Monthly Calendars

Depending on your preferred method of viewing your calendar, our templates also may include the Holiday and Observance days already marked off for simplicity and ease of planning.

Now that you have some context, let’s dig deeper into why we’ve made these calendars for you in the first place!

The Best Calendar Templates for 2020

As the old saying goes: “If you want something done right, make your own template”.

With that, we’ve created some amazing calendar templates for our readers to use in order to organize themselves for the year ahead as they aim to make 2020 the best year yet!

The Portrait CALENDARS

If you’re among those calendar users who prefers that their calendar be a 3×4 grid, then our Portrait Calendar is for you!

Our portrait calendar is perfect for viewing 2020 three months at a time.

Here’s what our 2020 Portrait Calendar looks like, with those precious weekends highlighted in red for your convenience:

Download our 2020 Portrait Calendar template with highlighted weekends for FREE:

PDF Calendar Template – 1

We also offer our 2020 Portrait Calendar with Holidays & Observances for your reference:

You can also download this 2020 Portrait Calendar with Holidays & Observances for FREE:

PDF Calendar Template – 2

Those are the portrait calendars that we provide and we highly recommend this type of calendar for long-term planners (hopefully, that’s you in 2020!)

The Landscape calendars

If the portrait style isn’t the way you like to view your calendars, don’t you worry!

We’ve got a couple of calendar options for those who prefer more of the landscape view, in which you can see 2020 from a quarterly perspective.

Here’s our stunning 2020 Landscape Calendar with Holidays & Observances highlighted in green:

Interested in planning out your 2020 with this calendar version? We thought so! Download the template here:

PDF Calendar Template – 4

Should you need reference for these Holidays & Observances, we also proudly present you with the option of having those days listed on the right hand side of our 2020 Landscape Calendar:

Get a FREE template of this version of our Landscape Calendar here:

PDF Calendar Template – 3

Now, for a completely different 2020 Calendar strategy, check out our final calendar template below!

Custom-Made Monthly Calendars

OK, we get it. Looking at the year 12 months at a time can be daunting.

So, if you’re the type that prefers to plan your life one month at a time, or you just realized that one particular month will be quite hectic for you and your family, we’ve got you covered.

With our Custom-Made Monthly Calendar, you can customize this calendar per month any way you wish!

As you can see, this particular template is ideal for those who just need to plan one month out of their other busy (but manageable) months of the year.

Fill out the name of the month, day numbers and add notes or mark your calendar with important events custom to your planning needs. Best of all, our monthly calendar template is FREE to download:

PDF Calendar Template – 5

No matter which template you choose to download and use, we hope that our calendars helped you save money (after all, store-bought calendars can be expensive!) and that they’ve helped you breath a little easier now that your 2020 plans are all set!

Why Everyone Should Mark Their Calendars

Calendars are important tools that should be utilized in every day life. We’re not just talking about keeping track of meetings or term papers, but for life.

Marking your calendar is a great way to plan ahead for big events, which could help your wallet, health and wellness overall.

Need to make a doctor’s appointment in six months time? Is there a vacation you’re saving up for? How about planning some much needed recreational time to yourself?

Sure, you could enter these dates on your phone, but when technology fails, it’s important to have a visual reference at home or at the office to rely upon.

And for any future upcoming events, do yourself the favor and get into the habit of marking your calendars.

Life can get busy and seem overwhelming sometimes with all the events and activities at your feet, but keeping track of it all with your calendar will save you time and prevent future headaches from happening.

After all, you can’t double book if you’ve already been booked!


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