How to Extract Selected PDF Pages

Do you need to send a PDF file to someone but it contains a specific page that has sensitive information? Well, you don’t need to copy and encode it all over again. What you need is a tool that will allow you to remove the secret pages in your PDF file and to create a new one. You can do it in two ways – one, you can extract the pages out of the PDF and save it as a new document. Two, you can delete the pages that you don’t want other people to see and save it.

What tools can I use to do these techniques?

There is a long way to do this, and a short way to extract or delete pages in a PDF. The first way involves the old methods, using your normal browser and printer settings, which have limited editing capabilities. The shorter and easier way will save you time if you use an online PDF editor.

How do I use my browser to extract the pages?

This process is very simple but limited to what you can do in editing your PDF file. You can save it as a new PDF document or you can print it directly without the pages you didn’t want to include. Here’s how you can do it.

Step One: Open your PDF file using your browser. Any browser will be able to manage and process this even if its just internet explorer or chrome.

Step two: Once your PDF is opened already in your browser, click “Print” and a preview of your print settings will open. Select the option that would only print certain pages and input the pages you want to include in your new PDF file.

Step three: Change the destination of your printer and choose “Save as PDF” instead of choosing your usual printer. This will enable you to save your file as a new PDF instead of printing the pages. You can also just print them directly if you want and it will still print the same set of pages you indicated in the text box.


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