Convert PDF format easy

Sign here, there, and everywhere

When you need something signed, you usually need it signed right away. Adobe Acrobat makes it quick and easy for anyone to collect e-signatures from others, even when working from home. If you’re a small business owner, get a contract signed in minutes or a proposal approved in a fraction Read More

Who Uses PDF and Why?

How often do you work with PDF documents? Do you just read them or do you need to copy text fragments and make occasional corrections to the data they contain? These are some of the questions we put this summer to more than 500 employees of medium and large-sized companies. Read More

Creating Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign

Adobe made significant improvements to accessibility with the release of InDesign CS5.5. The following are some basic steps for creating accessible documents in InDesign. These steps apply specifically to InDesign CS5.5, which includes significant improvements to accessibility support over previous versions. For comparison, each step includes a note regarding how Read More