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How To Create Excel Pivot Tables

We all use Microsoft Excel for different reasons. It’s a great tool for any basic or complex calculations because it’s so easy to adjust and edit your data. Besides this, there are several important features why someone would be using Excel on a daily basis: To visualize data — Excel Read More

How To Change PDF Paper Sizes

The beauty about PDF conversion is that it makes working with your digital content in any number of ways easy. Yet while the PDF is meant to preserve your content, there are cases where you may need to make some adjustments to the document, such as changing the paper size. Read More

How To Insert PDF Into PowerPoint

When used effectively, PowerPoint can be a highly versatile tool when conducting a presentation. The application is easy to learn and can do many different things to give your presentation a boost. One problem is trying to do more with your presentation, including working in PDF content into your slides. Read More