How to convert a PDF file?

It’s very easy in using PDF converter service.

Just follow the next steps:

Here you go!

What formats are supported?

We provide a service that converts files from PDF format and to PDF.

Word, Excel, PPT, JPG are supported. So you can easily convert:

As well as vise verse like:

Can I convert PDF to Word?

Yes, you can. With SmartPDF service you can easily convert PDF to Word. On the main page you can find columns that provide conversion to PDF and from PDF format. Just choose the option from the column “Convert from PDF” and follow needed steps to make conversion.

To convert PDF to DOC online became simply, because we support both doc and docx formats. Just take file as it is and convert it online with an original quality.

Can I convert PDF to Excel?

The same thing, you can easily convert a PDF document to Excel file online. All platforms supported. Drop a file from Windows, Mac or Linux devices and convert PDF to Excel in seconds. Smart PDF service recognize both formats, so either PDF to xls or PDF to XLSX will be converted online in a moment. Be sure the document will look exactly as original one, so youwill be able to work with it further.

Are my converted files secured?

Smart PDF guarantees privacy and security of all documents you upload for converting. Our server does not store files and delete them once you close the window. We take care about anonymously and safety of your official documents. Be sure that all data that you convert to PDF or convert from PDF will be secured.

How much time PDF converting takes?

We use modern technology that provides fast and smooth converting files to PDF format and from PDF. All operations, will it be Word to PDF or PDF to Excel, or any other conversion PDF format will take just seconds. Convert all formats quickly and on-the-job. PPT to PDF, PDF to JPG and vise verse all these provides one Smart PDF service.

Where can I find converted files after downloading?

When you convert a needed format of documents you will be provided with two options: view or download PDF, DOC or other file. Downloaded doc will be saved in your default folder, usually it is “Downloads”. Smart PDF converter is very easy and intuitive in using and converts DOC, XLXS, PPT, JPG formats in a moment.